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Find out how much your policy will cost.

A title insurance policy is issued to the purchaser and/or lender as a one-time premium policy. The cost of policies is set by the Texas Department of Insurance, so all title companies charge the same rates. 

The amount charged for a policy is determined by the mortgage amount or the purchase price, whichever is larger. Texas offers a simultaneous-issue credit, so the policy cost for the lower of your mortgage amount or purchase price is $100.00.

Refinancing may also require a new loan policy to be purchased for the new lender, with the cost determined by the new loan amount. If you refinance within eight years of securing your previous loan, you may receive a premium discount. The new loan policy will have no effect on the owner's policy you originally purchased.

Learn more about the current policy premiums set by the State of Texas here.

Policy premium calculator

* Rates effective as of September 1, 2019. Total closing costs include other fees. 

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