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How can home sellers help ensure a smooth closing?

Selling your home is a lengthy process with various things to consider and tasks to complete.

Here are some steps to help ensure selling your home is a smooth and hassle-free experience.

1. Existing lien holders

As soon as possible, provide the title company with the name of your existing lien holder(s), their address and phone number, and the loan numbers.

2. Homeowners’ Association

If your property has a homeowners' association (HOA), the title company will need contact information for the management company as early in the transaction as possible.

3. Existing survey

If the buyers and sellers have agreed to use an existing survey, the title company must review it prior to closing and sellers must verify that no improvements have been made since the date of the survey.

4. Social Security numbers

The title company will need the Social Security number of all the property owners for tax reporting, and because the lender may require Social Security numbers for payoff information.

5. Identification

Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license or other U.S.-issued form of official picture ID to closing. The ID must be valid, not expired.

6. Wiring information

Upon funding of the transaction, the title company can wire your proceeds into your account. Provide your bank account information if you choose to have your funds wired. The title company will verify all wiring instructions in person or by phone. Don’t rely on emails or other forms of communications.

7. Reimbursements

All bills for inspections, repairs or other items to be paid at closing must be provided to the title company prior to closing.

Avoid closing delays

If you will not be present at closing to sign documents and intend to use a power of attorney, you must provide the original power of attorney to your closing officer for approval and recording. (The lender will also need to approve the power of attorney.)


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