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Title Insurance Rates

Title Insurance is a contract to underwrite against financial losses incurred as the result of liens or encumbrances upon, defects in or inability to market the title to residential or commercial real property as described in the Title Policy. Each policy is a contract of indemnity that agrees to assume the responsibility for defending your title against any defect covered by the policy's terms and to reimburse you for financial losses up to the policy limits.

The Title Insurance Policy is issued to the Purchaser and/or Lender as a one-time premium policy by a Title Insurance Agent or an authorized representative of the Title Company. The amount charged for the policy is determined by the mortgage amount or the purchase price, whichever is larger.

Refinancing may also require a new Loan Policy to be purchased for the new Lender and the cost will be determined by the new loan amount. The new policy will have no effect on the policy originally purchased by the current owner.